Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Device, EPS Sandwich Panel Line, Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel line, Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Line

sandwich panel production line

Sandwich panel generation line is specifically developed for producing insulation composite board. With stepless pace regulation system, it is ready to generate corrugated composite panel efficiently at a single time. Sandwich panel roll forming equipment has been an indispensable gadget in fabricating roof panels and wall panels in vegetation and warehouses, among other structures.


one. The motor power of the sandwich panel roll forming line is 4kw, and the production pace reaches 6m/min. With the stepless velocity regulation system, the effectiveness of the roll forming line is optional inside of -6m/min.

2. When creating EPS sandwich panel, the speed is normally controlled at two-6 m/min. It will be somewhat decrease for creating rock wool board (depends on real demands)

3. The composite panel creation line is equipped with K-9 glue metering pump, that includes low rotating speed and higher accuracy. The glue is fed at a price of .one-2. kg/min. It is controlled by frequency converter.

four. The thickness of the composite panel the roll forming device can make is assorted from 50mm to 250mm. By modifying the upper and reduce rack, and the distance in between the cutter holder and the substance feeding rack, we can get sandwich boards with diverse thickness and technical specs.

5. Overall put in potential: 34KW whole weight (such as equipment): 17.5t.

six. Dimension of the panel roll forming equipment: 12500 (16000 for rock wool boards) X2200X2800 the roll former for five variety EPS sandwich panel adopts 23 rubber shafts and 160X80 square tubes with thickness of 6mm the roll previous for seven kind composite rock wool panel employs forty five rubber shafts, and upper and reduced unbiased glue offer. It is geared up with one.7m rock wool panel conveyor belt, with the diameter of the generate shaft to be 50mm length of the equipment frame is up to 9m the roll former is welded with 180X80 square tubes which thickness is 8mm.

Requirements for Factories:

The factories exactly where our EPS sandwich panel manufacturing line are used can be both flatroof or sloped-roof kind. The top of the cornice need to be bigger than 5m, and the successful width must be at the very least 45m. The ground of the manufacturing facility need to be flat and concrete. For basis of the roll forming line, it is necessary to be to be 380V, and the whole put in electricity is 34kw. It is necessary for the manufacturing unit to be equipped with .four-.6MPa compressed air supply and illumination gadgets. The roll forming machine shares the identical electricity supply with the auxiliary devices. The fluctuation of voltage need to be no a lot more than 10%, or it may possibly guide to an abnormal working of the technique.

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